Summerwood Aesthetic Dentistry
Julie A. Spaniel DDS

Charity Work

Dr. Spaniel led a group of Healthcare professionals and Middlebury College students to the Volta region of Ghana in January 2018.

Ghana Global Health Iniative

The group was welcomed by the Paramount Chief of the region with a ceremony and opening celebration with fire dancers.

Her program focused on the healthcare needs of the small village of Have. As the healthcare director of the Non-profit, ROC, Dr. Spaniel brought two physicians, a nurse practitioner, as well as pre-professional undergrad students from Vermont’s Middlebury College. She trained the students to brush and floss teeth, apply fluoride varnish, and give oral hygiene instructions.

Each community member and child received a toothbrush, paste and floss. The village was educated in groups on the importance of oral health care.

Teach Oral Health Care

Dr. Spaniel extracted teeth and performed minor oral surgery, as some of the students assisted her procedures.

She brought portable x-ray equipment to diagnose and treat dental pain and infection. Developing a special relationship with a small community, Dr. Spaniel is planning an annual trip with volunteers and professionals to continue the service to this community.