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Transform Your Smile with Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry in Tigard

A brilliant smile that is also functional is an asset to your appearance and oral health. However, many patients experience tooth loss, poor gum health, and other issues that can take away from their smiles and chewing function. At Summerwood Aesthetic Dentistry, Dr. Spaniel leads a skilled team of professionals, all of whom are committed to providing exceptional, personalized dental care. Dr. Spaniel provides restorative dentistry treatments to improve your smile, leaving you with healthy teeth and gums.

Repair Damage from Tooth Decay

Cavities are an unfortunate occurrence that is the result of damage to the tooth’s surface. These small holes are especially common in children and teens, but anyone can develop them. If left untreated, cavities can become larger, cause severe pain, and may even lead to tooth loss. Cavities can be prevented, but if one has already developed, it is time to seek treatment. At Summerwood Aesthetic Dentistry, tooth-colored filings are used to restore the function of the damaged tooth. These filings are composed of composite resin, are designed to closely match the color of the surrounding natural teeth and are particularly beneficial to those who prefer a more seamless restorative option. With proper care and maintenance, tooth-colored fillings can last for many years, leaving you with peace of mind about the future of your oral health.

Replace Missing Teeth

If you have one or more missing teeth, you understand that this dental issue is more than just a cosmetic concern. While the appearance of gaps in the teeth can undoubtedly cause feelings of insecurity, missing teeth can make it difficult to eat or speak. Likewise, patients may begin experiencing oral asymmetry following the loss of teeth. Several restorative dentistry options can address missing teeth, including:

Dental implants: This procedure replaces a missing tooth with a metal post, an artificial tooth, and a device to connect the two. It effectively restores the appearance of the missing tooth, as well as its function. For some patients, it is preferred to other restorative options, such as dentures or bridges.

Dental Bridge: When implants are not an option, bridges can be a good option for tooth replacement. This restorative option can replace a row of teeth, allowing patients to regain full chewing, biting, and speaking functions. There are several types of bridges available to fit a wide range of dental needs and preferences.

Restore Your Smile in Tigard

Dental issues that require restoration can be distressing for patients to handle, but safe and effective treatment is available. Restorative dentistry at Summerwood Family Dental can dramatically improve your smile and boost your confidence in the process. Contact our Tigard location today, where our friendly staff can help you set up your dental consultation.